2014 JTA Academic All Stars
 The purpose of Academic All Stars is to promote academic awareness in our athletes while building a sense of team pride.  The goal is for all athletes to feel a sense of pride that they too can achieve academic success while achieving athletic success.

* 3rd - 7th grades will be participating
* 3rd and 4th grades will have a team award only
* 5th - 7th grades will have a team award and individual straight A recognition
* Must have 100% participation for team award
* GPA's will be calculated from core courses only
* Grades will not be weighted
* Only select "boxes" will be used from 3rd and 4th grade report cards

1.  Each head coach needs to collect a photocopy of report cards in sealed envelopes from their players. 5th, 6th, and 7th graders will turn in a copy of grades from Power School.

2. Please attach a TEAM ROSTER on the outside of a manila envelope with team grades enclosed. .

3.  TURN IN GRADES by OCT. 31st- Collection boxes will be at the front door of Butler & Wheeler all week. (104 E A St. Jenks). If you need to make other arrangements, email

4.  GPA's will be calculated by a 3rd party. This group will be made up of ORU Track and Field athletes that are involved in Oral Roberts University outreach programs.

5. All photocopied report cards will be shredded after completion of ceremony.

6.  Winning teams and straight A award winners will line up on the Jenks High School football field and their names will be announced at a high school playoff game. (NOVEMBER 14th)

7.  Team Awards will be given to the respective head coaches for distribution at their discretion.

8.  ORU Track and Field athletes will be present during the awards presentation to organize players and teams and to give them direction.
***Award presentation information will be emailed to grade reps...

ALL 2014 COACHES must register through the USA Football website.  You will need to follow the link 
to join and get certified.  Certification is $25.00 for 2014.

Coach's USA Football certification cards must be worn on a lanyard around your neck anytime you are on the game field.  If you do not have it on, you will not be allowed to coach at the game.

**Mandatory Coaches Meeting July 14th at Sharp Center**
                     Times to be Announced                      

All Players for 2014 FOOTBALL
Must be Registered/Paid &
Uniform Fitted by June 30th
without late fees.

Football uniform fittings will be through
Midwest Sporting Goods, 51st & Mingo
**MM & 3rd Grade Players must 
purchase new uniform**

 ***Uniform fees will be paid at time of sizing at Midwest.  Please do not 'guess' at your child's size.  Once the order is placed, that is the size you will receive and they do not order many 'extras' for exchanges. Late fees for uniforms are added on July 1, so take care of this as soon as possible at Midwest.
We will be taking volunteers for additional field reps this year. This is a great way to get involved in the JTA organization.  If you have any questions please contact our Secretary at

<<<< Go to the REGISTRATION tab on left for details.  
All questions regarding scholarships need to be directed to your grade representative (see Board Member tab). 
*****PLEASE NOTE *****

The JTA Board is here to assist you. Most questions can be answered by previewing our website.  If you do not find the answer to your questions, please e-mail us.  We are here to help.
As football and cheer season progress please remember, if it is happening, someone involved in Jenks Trojan Athletics made it happen. 
If you feel you can make a difference, get involved.  JTA is a volunteer organization and help is always needed.  If you want to know where JTA funds are being spent, ask a board member.  Even though the hundreds of volunteer hours are free, supplies are not.  It takes funds to operate the organization, maintain the fields, and take care of the many, many things that bring our football players and cheerleaders together in the fall.
The JTA Board thanks everyone involved
in making the 2013 season a success and we are looking for to the 2014 season to come!
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